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Paint booth buying guide

Buying a paint booth requires many considerations to be made. Given how expensive paint booths are, you should ensure that you do not make any mistake in your selection to avoid regrets. Find out all the details regarding all your options and make only well-informed decisions. Your particular needs or reasons for buying the booth should greatly influence your choice. For example, if you deal with excessive toxic fumes or dirt, you should opt for the open face paint booth, which will help minimize the fumes or dirt that you are exposed to. Below are some of the guidelines to follow when making your purchase.

How to buy a paint booth

Choose the best company

You should always buy from a company that is well established. Buying from a company that has been dealing with paint booths for a long time gives you more confidence that they will still be around for a long time to come. You will not have to worry about warranty or getting replacement parts that you may need in the future. Ensure that you deal with the manufacturer directly as opposed to a reseller, installer, or distributor of the product. Dealing with the manufacturers directly also gives you an opportunity to get a booth that is customized to your needs.

Consider your future needs

You should always ensure that the booth you buy will fit all your current needs as well as accommodate all your growing needs. You may need some kind of expansion in the near future, which the booth should allow for. There are some booths, which may be nearly impossible or too costly to enlarge. Such may be a bit cheaper but will not be a great option unless you are sure you will never need to enlarge it.

Factor in the upgrades

It is advisable that you buy all the upgrades that you may need, during the initial purchase. The manufacturer will then be able to design the booth for the specified upgrades. Upgrades such as adding the ETL certification or powder coating the tunnels may not be possible once the booth is shipped. Find out all the requirements in your locality so that you order a booth that will pass all the inspections. Include the requirement in your order description. For example, the ETL certification is usually a requirement in most places. An ETL package will make the insuring and permitting process a lot easier.