Types of spray-paint booths and their applications

The use of spray paint booths is common to the manufacturing industry. This technology has contributed significantly to enhancing efficiency and turnaround times in this industry. Some of the benefits of this technology include efficiency, effectiveness, improving workers safety, and a reduction in cost. This article looks at some major types of spray booths and their applications.

Categories of spray booth

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The design of a given spray booth dictates it suitability to performing different tasks. Some of the areas where you can use spray booth include aircrafts, automobiles, boats, plastics industries. That said, it is crucial to now to know the spray booth that will perfectly suit your needs in your selection process. Below are the main varieties of spray booths.

Open face booths

This type of spray booth is characterized by a ceiling, a rear exhaust plenary, and two sidewalls. Its design enhances air circulation from the open end to the rear exhaust. Notably, open faced paint booths ideal for the woodwork. However, you will also see them in the automobile industry though rarely.

Pressurized booths

Pressurized booths are ideal in situations where a clean environment is a paramount aspect of ensuring quality work. This booth is popular in automobile and electronic industries. Pressurized booths are fully enclosed. The amount of air expended outdoors is proportional to the amount of air drawn in the system. This facilitates quality. Also, during cold spells, a heater is usually put in place to promote temperature control and air quality.

Non- pressurized booth

This booth employs the use of filters to draw air in and out of the building. Non-pressurized booths have a wide range of applications in many industries. For instance, they are used on automobile fiberglass, metalwork, and refinishing.

Paint booth structures

paints 12One of the main aspects that differentiate pressurized and non- pressurized booth is airflow configuration. Based on airflow configuration, there are many varieties of paint booths. Some of these types include cross-flow booths, downdraft and semi-downdraft booths, and side downdraft booths. All these have their unique applications. More to this, each of these varieties has its benefits and drawbacks.

Factors to consider when purchasing spray booths

There are a few aspects to consider when buying a spray paint booth. A few of them include air type, finish type, usage, sizing, and price range. With this in mind, you can be sure of getting the best out of your spray paint booth.